Is Honey Ok For Diabetics To Be Consumed?

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You cannot cure diabetes but you can control it. In this case, you have to not eat sweet foods and high sugar. Those foods may harm your health. Then, is honey ok for diabetics?

Honey is one of popular natural sweets. There is a lot of kinds of honey. It depends on the bee species and what flowers nectar they eat. But, the same thing is all honey taste so sweet.

As a natural sweetener, it seems that honey ok for diabetics to be consumed. But, there is also an artificial honey from sugar.

Thus, what should we do?

Is honey ok for diabetics to be consumed?

Let us find out whether honey ok for diabetics or not.

here is the answer of the question is honey ok for diabetics or not
Have you ever wondered is honey okay for diabetics?


How Is Honey Ok For Diabetics Regarding Its Nutrition?

The main issue toward the question is honey ok for diabetics is about the increase of blood sugar levels. Then, what actually leads to the increase is the amount and type of carbohydrates. The carbohydrate intake 45-60 grams per meal or less will be ok for diabetics.

Honey naturally comes from flower nectar. Bees collect the nectar and in the honeycomb, the nectar breaks down into simple sugars. Then the nectar evaporates and becomes a sweet liquid called honey.

There are at least 17 grams of carbohydrates in one tbsp of honey. Thus, is honey ok for diabetics in a small amount? Yes, it is.

However, there is an artificial or processed honey that may lead in a different way. A raw honey still contains valuable vitamins, mineral, antioxidants. But an artificial or processed honey usually doesn’t contain much. It is not ok for diabetics.


The Glycemic index

You actually need less honey than sugar. Why? Honey is sweeter than sugar. But, sometimes, because it is very sweet, people tend to use more than one spoon at a time. This habit actually is not ok for diabetics.

Actually honey contains more calories. One tbsp honey contains 64 calories, meanwhile, sugar contains 49 calories in the same amount. The calories there is denser and heavier than in the sugar.

Then, the body does the different thing in digesting them. Honey contains enzymes to break down itself in the body. Meanwhile, on another side, sugar needs enzymes from our body.

Is honey ok for diabetics? glycemic index for honey is 55. Meanwhile, a table sugar glycemic index is 65. It means that honey belongs to a low glycemic index food.

However, honey may increase some risks for diabetics type 2.


Is Honey Ok For Diabetics Based On Research Study?

Based on nutritional content, honey seems ok for diabetics. It is because it doesn’t contain many calories. Also, the body doesn’t need much effort to digest it.

However, diabetes is a high-risk disease. Some research studies focus on how honey affect diabetics. Here are some particular findings.


The Increase of Insulin

Some studies find that eating honey is ok for diabetics. The study in Dubai (UAE) found both honey and pure glucose raised blood sugar and insulin levels. But, the blood sugar levels dropped better in the group taking honey.


Long-term blood glucose levels

The study from the University of Teheran found that individuals who consumed honey long-term experienced increased blood sugar levels. But, people with type 2 diabetes lost weight and had reduced cholesterol levels.


Complementing anti-diabetes medication

A combination of diabetes medications with honey is good. This study agrees that honey is able to lower blood sugar and increase insulin. Also, honey contains potent antioxidants. It is good for diabetics


Why Is Honey Ok For Diabetics As A Sugar Substitute?

Honey will be ok for diabetics as long as it is the raw one. It increases insulin and decreases blood sugar. You may worry about the carbohydrates and calories. But, raw honey is a natural sweetener. It contains more nutrients than a regular white sugar.

If you are a type 2 diabetics, you may start to consume honey slowly. You have to consume in a little. See the effect and make sure you can control it. Remember that honey is very sweet. A small amount is enough.

Please do not consume a processed or artificial honey. Make sure you check the nutritional table. Carbohydrates issue is important here. Then, you have to consume it in a very small amount.

To conclude, is honey ok for diabetics? Yes, it is but under some requirements. However, This article is not a medical advice. You have to check it to your doctor. Every one is unique. What written here may not suit your condition.

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